Title 최신기술이 적용된 Cell Counting Chip 5+1 이벤트(600원/test)
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Date 2019-10-28
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최신기술이 적용된 Cell counting chip
5+1 이벤트(600원/test)

선명한 micro pattern grid와 최신 기술들을 적용한 Cellop-Chip으로
쉽고 빠르게 세포 수를 측정할수 있습니다.

High Accuracy, High Reliability, Safety, Easy to Use
Cellop-Chip 5박스 구매시 1박스 무료 증정(36만원/6box)
행사기간 : 2019년 10월 28일 ~ 2019년 12월 31일

Features Application / Price
- No need coverslip
- Accurate, Reliable, Disposable
- Two tests on a slide, No bubble
- No exposure to hazardous sample
- High light transmittance (97%)
- Compatible with other companies' equipment
- Culture cell counting
- Cell viability
- Blood cell counting
- Bacteria & fungal spore counting
- Sperm counting
- 75,000원/box, 50 slides/box (2 tests/slide)
제품서비스 문의 : 02-3141-0791, service@e-biogen.com
Cellop-Chip 제품 우수성
High cell count accuracy due to precise loading volume and clear micro pattern grid
Easy injection of sample due to biocompatible chemical coating(hydrophilic) during sample injection